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09:39pm 19/07/2006
mood: bored
Axel~~~ You're still ignoring me.

Must be something to do with what I forgot. :/

Whatever. I've been noticing those Heartless things around again- time to kick some ass. >D Without nearly killing myself this time.
I thought they were just part of that coliseum time warp thing, but... Hmm.

Naminé, when the folks get back let them know I've gone out for a bit.

((OOC: I'll have a more solid idea of what I want to plot within the next few days. :D I'm pretty sure Ari's out, so I'll NPC Ansem(s) if the need arises.))
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01:28pm 02/07/2006
mood: mischievous
Ahh~ I feel like a new woman. ♥ Just in time, too, since I'm going to be heading off to college...
Not a big one, though. Just the local- Chomolangma. Anyone else going to be going there?
There's a time and a place for everything, and it's called college ;) If it weren't for the education part, I'd want to go now.

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((Retcon of doom! :D Oh, and Laxy will still be posting here. XD I just figured Chomo might as well be the local college, since that RP was kind of a spinoff of here anyway, wasn't it? ... Is it even still alive?))
When in Rome...   
05:52pm 17/06/2006
mood: wearing a bedsheet
Stercus accidit. Or something like that. Yeesh, I barely blink at the weird crap that happens around here- this one did throw me for a loop, but you didn't hear that from me.

The Coliseum thing was a blast though, wasn't it? And I didn't even knock myself out this time!

Anyway- Anyone up for a toga party that doesn't involve naked Uchihas? ... Wait, that's sort of redundant. Every party here is a toga party. Anyway. Party?

((dunno if the Latin's right, got it off Swearasaurus. And then never went to that site again because it kept trying to force me to install things.

Nekkid Uchihas are of course completely welcome to comment. XD))
in the life of the wrong a love lingered on love lingered on to frustration   
09:07pm 23/05/2006
mood: okay. honest.
It was just a simple question. Fine. Don't answer me.

Heh... see, that wasn't so hard was it... Guess now that I'm sure what you feel it's about time I give up.
wtf. it feels so weird just to type "give up". Not in my nature. Heh.

Now what do I do...?


So then. I really didn't need to know what the teachers have been up to, whatsyerface... Jiraiya?, kthxbai. My supply of brain bleach is running low as it is. XP That was almost as bad as the announcements Ichigo's dad used to make.

((... music is just because I heard this song on the radio a couple times and want to hear it again damnit. XD plus, a couple of the lines work here. Only a couple, but hey. Still. Awesome new rock song.))
08:55pm 22/05/2006
mood: lovely...?
Okay, you know what? Let me just get a few things said and then maybe I'll be able to move on... Yeah right.

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08:59pm 17/05/2006
  Ah, what the heck.

Take a look at your LJ friends list, then list up to ten things you want to say to ten different LJ friends.
DO NOT state who these people are.
DO NOT confirm nor deny any "comment speculation".

>.> I might confirm it. If I like you.

1) You helped sis out at the fight, didn't you? Thanks.
2) You were totally wrong. Just so you know.
3) They're called Heartless. And no, they don't want to be your friend so try to stay out of their way.
4) Trust me, he cares. For both of your sakes, I won't.
5) I can't decide which song I like best.
6) Why the fuck did the sheeplike majority think it was a good idea to put you in office?
7) Wanker. XP
8) You know what I'm going to say... I'd just be repeating myself to deaf ears though, so I might as well not bother.
9) ... Fuck this, I can't think of two more.
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08:25pm 15/05/2006
mood: apathetic
Ahh~ I missed reading the Uchiha brothers and their pointless wank. :D

Hey, Naminé. Quit moping around. That's my job.

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09:30pm 14/05/2006
mood: frustrated
Aaargh, fucking Heartless. Go away. >O

Private (Axel can see, just to make him feel guilty >D)Collapse )
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07:11pm 11/05/2006
mood: sore
Ugh... Remind me not to try that again, 'k?


Naminé, Axel, thanks. Hope you guys weren't TOO worried about me.

Those Heartless things are still around though. What a pain. >/
06:39am 04/05/2006
mood: devious
Okay, I'm fed up. Time to go pwn some... uh, black glowy-eyed thingies. :D Who's with me~?
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09:13pm 02/05/2006
mood: annoyed
Hey, what the fuck are these black things outside my house? They look kinda familiar... huh. Anyway, I went outside earlier and they freaking attacked.
Whoever's science experiment and/or pet they are, keep them under control or I'll kill them~ ♥

((yey Heartless attack!))
03:38pm 01/05/2006
mood: lonely
God, I'm bored. We need to do something around here, seriously.
Sooooo... Anyone wanna fight? >D I can't let my ninja skills get rusty, now can I? And there's definitely a lot of people around here I'd like to see in pain.

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((Just showing off another icon and asking when we'll have plot...
Also, her mood appears as "bored" to everyone but Masaaki, Axel and Envy.))
Fucken aliens   
03:34pm 24/04/2006
mood: not eaten or anal probed! =D
I'm home. Finally. :/ Took them long enough to let me go.
At least they beamed me down properly instead of tossing me out on my arse~ XD
The next morning   
01:37pm 23/04/2006
mood: wtf?!
There are snakes on the UFO.
I repeat, there are snakes on the motherfucking UFO.
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10:37pm 22/04/2006
mood: bitchy
Well. I guess you got your Cheetos, lovely... -.-

Even my ninja SKILLS couldn't get me out of their stupid fucken tractor beam or whatever. So now I'm stuck up here. With Axel-lovely, so I guess it could be worse after all, this is an opportunity to *erhem* go where no lovers have gone before, ne? the mile-high club on steroids!, but...
ohgod what the hell are these green bastards gonna do to us?!

... And why is there a cow up here?

Edit: So, yeah. Someone get us down from here? Look for the big shiny thing in the sky.
Lovely says bring ketchup. *rolls eyes*
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10:53am 22/04/2006
mood: guilty
I guess things will go back to normal now.

By the way, does anyone know what the fuck was up with all the jackalopes at school this week? o.O I thought they were mythical- wait. this is Mugenjou.
I'd really rather not find one in my locker again, though.

((Mood appears as "cheerful" to everyone except Masaaki))
06:17am 13/04/2006
mood: cynical
So, you sure this love shit is really worth the trouble?
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01:08pm 02/04/2006
mood: not amused at ALL
... Okay, I officially hate April Fools'.

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06:54pm 23/03/2006
mood: bored, obviously
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07:29pm 20/03/2006
mood: sad
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